Bertil Blok, MD, PhD (NL)

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Date of birth: December 15, 1962

Work adress: Dept. Urology Erasmus Medical Center, Univ. Rotterdam ‘s-Gravendijkwal 230 3015 CE Rotterdam, The Netherlands Tel 0031 107031039

Partner: Christa Lips, 4 children

E-mail: b.blok (at)

1981–1987 Doctoral Examination Medicine, Erasmus University Rotterdam
March 1990 MD, Erasmus University Rotterdam (cum laude)
Mei 1998 PhD, University Groningen (cum laude)
Title thesis: The central control of micturition in humans and cats.
Promotor Prof. G. Holstege; Readers committee: Profs. W.C. de Groat, E. Tanagho and D. Griffiths

Professional positions
1985–1987 Research Assistant, Dept. Anat., Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam (chair H. Kuijpers)
12/1987–11/'88 Res Assoc, Life Sci, NASA Ames RC, Mountain View (director W. Mehler)
12/1987–11/'88 Res Fellow, Anatomy, Univ. California San Francisco (chair H. Ralston III)
4/1990 – 3/'91 Resident Neurology, Sint Franciscus Hospital, Rotterdam
4/1991 – 1/2000 Assistant Professor, Anatomy, Univ. of Groningen (chair G. Holstege)
1/2000 – 1/2001 Resident Urology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
1/2001 – 1/2003 Resident Surgery, Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, The Netherlands
1/2003 – 6/2004 Resident Urology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
7/2004 – 1/2006 Resident Urology, Spaarne Hospital, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
1/2006 – 10/2006 Fellow Urology, JGH, McGill University, Montreal (chair J. Corcos)
5/2006 – 10/2006 CIHR Fellow Molecular Biology, JGH, McGill Univ. (chair J. Galipeau)
11/2006 – present Staff Urologist, Dept Urology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (chair C. Bangma)
1/2008 – Medical Coordinator, Dept Urology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
1/2008 – Chair Erasmus Pelvic Floor Center, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
2009– present Member EAU Guidelines Committee on Neurogenic LUTD
2011– present Chair EAU Guidelines Committee on Neurogenic LUTD
2011– Chair Dutch Multidisciplinary Guidelines Committee on Neurogenic Bladder

From 1988 more than 30 poster presentations
From 1992 more than 80 lectures
1996–1999 Meetings of the International Continence Society (ICS)
1996 Invited speaker Dutch Science Organization (NWO), Utrecht, The Netherlands
1997 Key note lecture C.E. Alken Prize Winners Meeting, Wiesbaden, Germany
1997 Invited speaker Madaus GMBH Expertenrunde, Munich, Germany
1998 State of the Art lecture Duitse Urologische Vereniging, Innsbruck
1998 Invited speaker Dutch Anatomical Association, Dorwerth, The Netherlands
2000 Invited lecture C.E. Alken Prize Winners Meeting, Munich, Germany
2001 Invited lecture Brain Trust Foundation on Basic Science in Relation to Lower Urinary Tract, Florida, USA (organizers P. Abrams and J. Schalken)
2001 Invited speaker Workshop Neuromodulation, Munster, Germany
2001 Invited speaker, Obslut, Oslo Biennial Symposium on Lower Urinary Tract Physiology and Pathophysiology Oslo, Norway
2002 Invited speaker Historical Society, Dutch Urological Association (NVU), Iceland
2002 Invited lecture Neurourology, Magenta, Italy
2005 Invited lecture Spaarne Hospital, Hoofddorp for ‘Specialists in urology’
2005 Invited lecture Depts. Neurology and Urology, Jewish General Hospital, McGill Univ.
2007 Invited lecture ‘Why urodynamics’ Free University Medical Center
2007 Invited lecture ‘Subjective outcome measures of surgery for SUI’ ESFU Berlin
2008 Invited lecture ‘Update on Neurophysiology of the Lower Urinary tract’ Master Class NVU
2009 Invited lecture ‘Neurogenic bladder overactivity’ Kontinenzschulung, Essen
2009 Workshop ‘Epidemiology and pathophysiology neurogenic bladder’ ICS, San Francisco
2011 Invited lecture ‘Review ICS: overactive bladder’ Nijmegen
2010 Invited lecture ‘Pathophysiologie der gestörten Blase’ Kontinenzschulung, Bremen
2011 Invited lecture ‘Review AUA 2011: functional urology’ Utrecht
2011 Invited lecture ‘State of the art: highlights of the AUA, Washington’ Wolfheze
2011 Invited lecture ‘Stress urinary incontinence in men’ Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
2012 Workshop ‘State of the art of brain imaging in urology’ ICS, Beijing
2012 Key note lecture ‘Status of stem cell research in urology’ ICS, Beijing
2012 Opening lecture ‘Bladder and MS’ at the 1st multidisciplinary day on Multiple Sclerosis
2013 State of the art lecture ‘Surgical treatment male incontinence’ Greek Urological Society
2013 Invited lecture at COST meeting, Univ. Tubingen, Germany
2013 Invited lecture at the 2nd multidisciplinary day on Multiple Sclerosis, Eden, Netherlands

1988 Various scholarships for research project at the NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA, United States
1991 Selected for specialization in Neurology, University Hospital Utrecht (chair J. van Gijn)
1995 Press book selection, Society for Neuroscience, San Diego
1996 Van der Broekprijs (best presentation) Dutch Anatomical Society, Dorwerth, The Netherlands
1999 Van Stockumprijs (best thesis 1997–1999), Dutch Urological Society, Rotterdam
2000 Granted $37,000 from Medtronic Interstim for project entitled ‚The effects of neuromodulation on the regional cerebral blood flow in urge incontinence. A Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanning study‘. Cooperation hospitals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
2000 Selected for specialization in Urology, Univ. Hospital Amsterdam (chair J. de la Rosette)
2002 Yamanouchi Award for the Best Abstract on Incontinence, AUA meeting, Orlando for the abstract entitled ‘Brain activation and urodynamics during sacral neuromodulation in urge incontinence: a PET study’
2007 Granted 50,000 euro from Medtronic Interstim for project entitled ‚The effects of neuromodulation on the regional cerebral blood flow in faecal incontinence. A Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanning study‘. Cooperation hospitals in Amsterdam, Maastricht and Rotterdam
2009 Granted 156,000 euro from the SKMS of the Dutch Medical Association for the project entitled ‘Development of multidisciplinary guidelines for treatment on neurogenic bladder’.
2013 Granted 40,000 euro from the Dutch Foundation for Urological Research
2013 Granted 60,000 euro from Achmea, the largest health care insurer in the Netherlands

Other scientific activities
1985–12/'87 Student member Committee for Science, Erasmus University Rotterdam
1995 Organisation Summerschool „Central control of micturition and sexual behavior“, Graduate School Neuroscience, Groningen
1998 Editor special issue Behavioural Brain Research entitled „Central control of micturition and sexual behavior“
1993–97 Member Palatoschisis Committee, University Hospital Groningen
1992–98 Member Library Committee, Graduate School Neuroscience, Groningen
2001 Member Steering Committee Basic Physiology and Pharmacology, International Consensus on Incontinence, WHO, Paris
2002–2006 Member Board Dutch Endourological Society (SWEN)
2008 Member of the European Association Urology (EAU) Guidelines committee on Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
2010–14 Supervisor PhD candidate Elaine Utomo for her thesis entitled ‘Evaluation of treatment in functional urology’.
2011– Faculty 1000 member for Lower urinary tract dysfunction (Chairs P. Abrahams, A. Wein)
2012– Member Editorial Board Dutch Journal for Urology
2012– Member COST network regenerative urethra, section surgery (Chair C. Chapple)
2013– Supervisor PhD candidate Lisette ‘t Hoen for her thesis entitled ‘Intervention, evaluation and follow-up of interventions in functional urology in adults and pediatrics’

Ad hoc reviewer for Brain, Brain Res, Behav. Brain Res, Journal of Comp Neurol, Journal of Neurol., Eur. Urology, Urology, Journal of Urology, Neuroimage, Neurourol and Urodynamics, Int Brazilian Journal of Urology, European Journal Neuroscience

Teaching experience, Faculty of Medicine, University Groningen
1997–99 All lectures, practica, examinations Neuroanatomy, 1st and 2nd year medical students
1992–96 Coordination practica Anatomy in Vivo, fourth year medical students
1997–99 All lectures, practica, examinations Thorax/Abdomen, first year medical students
1998–99 All lectures, practica, examinations Urogenital system, first year medical students
1998–99 All lectures, practica, examinations Groin area, second year medical students

Teaching experience, Faculty of Medicine, University Rotterdam
2007-pres Introduction urology for residents, three times per year, 5th grade medical school
2009-pres Lecture ‘Urinary incontinence: diagnosis and treatment’ Minor, 4th grade medical school
2007–11 Lecture ‘Neurophysiology of micturition’ Urogynaecology course, NVU and NVOG
2007-pres Several lectures for urology residents Erasmus MC
2011 Lecture ‘Multiple sclerosis and bladder dysfunction’ for MS-nurses, Amersfoort