Ass. Prof. Calin Chibelean, MD, PhD (RO)

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Occupational field Lecturer, Consultant in Urology, MD, PhD

Profesional experience
2011-present – Consultant in Urology (2011-present), Medical assistance and surgical urology activity, Mureş County Clinic Hospital, 1st Gh. Marinescu Str., code: 540103, Tg. Mureş, ROMANIA
2011-present – Assistant Professor (2011-present), Medical teaching, Tg. Mureş University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Medicine Faculty, General Medicine Profile, 38 Gh. Marinescu Str., Tg. Mureș, code: 540000, Mureș County, ROMANIA
2001-present – Consultant in Urology (2011), Specialist in Urology (2007–2011), Resident Urologist (2001 –2007), Medical assistance and surgical urology activity, Center of Uronephrology and Renal Transplantation, Fundeni Clinical Institute, 258 Fundeni Str., 2nd district, code: 022328, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Education and training
2011–2012 Master in Health Services Management, Medical Management and Public Healthcare
2010-present Postdoctoral Researcher in Post-doctoral Training Program for Socio-Human Research and Political Science – European Social Fund – POSDRU/89/1.5/S/62259
2009-present „Doctor of Medical Sciences“
2010–2011 Health Management Masterclass Medical Manegement and Public Healthcare
1989–1995 Medical Doctor Diploma