Prof. Eckhard Petri , MD, PhD (DE)

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1967–1973 Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz Medical Faculty
1971 Ohio State University Columbus USA
MD in 1973, Army Service in a NATO Unit
1975–1977 Training in Urology Gutenberg-University Mainz (Prof.Hohenfellner)
1977–1985 Dept.Obstetrics and Gynecology Gutenberg-University Mainz (Prof.Friedberg)
PhD 1985
1985–1992 Chief Dpt.Obstetric­s&Gynecology Acad.Teaching Hospital Idar-Oberstein
1990–1992 Medical Director of the Hospital
1992–2010 Chief Dpt.Obstetrics & Gynecology Acad.Teaching Hospital Schwerin,University of Rostock
since 1995 Director Oncology Service of the State of Mecklenburg
since 2001 Chief interdisciplinary palliative unit Schwerin Hospital
Chief of the Schwerin pelvic floor center
since 1.January 2011 chief Urogynaecology unit University of Greifswald

special fields in gyn.oncology, pregnancy induced hypertension, urogynecology
Editor of a german Textbook on Urogynecology (4th ed.,italian ed.),Textbook of Gynecology, monographs on new urodynamic techniques, female incontinence
Co-editor and Co-author in international and national Textbooks (e.g.Ostergar­d/Bent:Urogyne­cology 4 ed.,Stanton Clinical Urogynecology, Stanton/Tanag­ho:Surgery of female incontinence, Cardozo/Staskin: Urogynecology­,Käser/Ober/Fri­edberg:Textbo­oks on Gynecology and Obstetrics)
more than 200 national and international original papers
Coeditor Int.Urogynecology Journal,Coeditor and editorial board member of german, austrian,mexi­can,argentini­an,korean Journals of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Founding Member of the International Urogynecologic Association (IUGA)
1982–1990 Secretary General,1990–1992 President, 2011 Lifetime achievement award IUGA
Founding Secretary German Society of Urogynecology 1980–1986,1986–1990 President
Founding Member of the American Gynecologic Urology Society (now Urogynecology Society), Board of Directors 1985–1990
Teaching and training fellows from around the world (Argentina, Mexico, Korea, India, Nepal, Jordan, Syria and many European countries)