Prof. Gerard Amarenco, MD (FR)

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1982 MD, Faculty of Medicine, Paris XIII, Bobigny
1985 Specialized Post-graduate Degree of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Paris V
1987 Post-graduate Diploma of Sciences and Techniques applied to Disabilities, Faculty of Medicine, Dijon

Work experience:
since 2010 Professor of University – Hospital Practitioner, Head of the Department, Hospital Tenon, Service de Neuro-Urologie et d’Explorations Périnéales, Paris
2002–2010 Head of the Department, Neurological Rehabilitation and Perineal Explorations Department, Rothschild Hospital, Paris
1999–2002 Hospital Practitioner, Neurological Rehabilitation and Perineal Explorations Department, Rothschild Hospital, Paris
1993–1999 Head of the Department, Rehabilitation Department, Robert Ballanger Hospital, Aulnay sous Bois
1990–1993 Hospital Practitioner, Rehabilitation Department Robert Ballanger Hospital, Aulnay sous Bois
since 1989 University Lecturer: University Diplomas and Inter-University Diplomas, Faculties of Medicine, Paris
1986–1990 Hospital Practitioner, Neurology Department, Robert Ballanger Hospital, Aulnay sous Bois
1983–1986 Hospital Attaché, Neurology and Neurological Rehabilitation Departments, Paris Hospitals
1979–1983 Resident, Neurology and Rheumatology Departments, Paris Hospitals

Clinical research experience:
Clinical Research Experience in Vesico-sphincteral Rehabilitation, Clinical Neuro-Urology, Urodynamics and Vesical Neurophysiology:
- More than 55 clinical trials on Investigational Products performed in various therapeutic areas, among which about 25 clinical trials in Overactive Bladder Syndrome.
- About 10 clinical trials on development and assessment of medical devices.
- 151 scientific publications (130 Medline referenced)
- 255 communications in congresses
- 64 articles in scientific books
- 5 scientific moovies
- 54 EPU (Enseignement Post Universitaire : “Post University Teaching”)
- Holder of a MOH authorisation to perform clinical trials without direct benefit for patients (Phase I clinical trials for investigational products or medical devices)

Member of SOFMER: “Société Française de Rééducation” (“French Society of Rehabilitation”)
Member of SIFUD: “Société Internationale Francophone d’Urodynamique” (“French-speaking International Society of Urodynamics”)
Member of ICS : International Continence Society
Member of SNCLF: “Société de Neurophysiologie Clinique de Langue Française (“French-speaking Clinical Neurophysiology Society”)
Member of SECLF: “Société d’Electromyographie Clinique de Langue Française” (“French-speaking Clinical Electromyography Society”)
Member of GENULF: “Groupe d’Etude de Neuro-Urologie de Langue Française” (“French-speaking Survey Group of Neuro-Urology”)
Member of CEP: “Club d’’Electrophy­siologie Périnéale” (“Perineal Electrophysiology Club”)
Member of ANDEM Expert Group in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1998.

Editorial activities:
Editor of the journal “Correspondance en Pelvi-Perinéologie”
Member of the Editorial Staff of “La Lettre du Neurologue” and “Société Internationale Francophone d’Urodynamique”
Reviewer for scientific journals since 1992 (J. Urol, NeuroUrology&U­rodynamics, Arch of Physical Med, Stroke; Muscle and Nerve; European Journal of Neurology; European Urology; Europamedicop­hysica/Assistant Editor; Progrés en Urology; Semaine des Hôpitaux; Synthèse Médicale; Prescrire; Annales de Réadaptation; Annales d’Urologie ….)