Prof. František Kopřiva, MD, PhD

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Head of children pneumology, Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University, Olomouc

Business address:
Children Clinic
Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University
Puškinova 6
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420585854448
E-mail: Koprivaf (at) fno­

Education, scientific preparation and courses:
1984 – until now Reached qualification – Pediatric professor
1975 – 1981 Faculty of Medicine UP Olomouc, major in general medicine
1984 1st attestation in pediatrics
1988 2nd attestation in pediatrics
1991 Attestation in clinic immunology
1999 Attestation in tuberculosis and respiratory diseases
1999 Defended dissertation thesis, MF UP, major in pediatrics
2003 Habilitation, MLF UP, major in pediatrics
2009 Appointed professor

Working Experience:
since 1993 University teacher
since 1999 Professor, work at sick-bed in terms of children clinic, daily round, examination and therapy, scientific office of allegro-immunology and pneumology, functional lung examination, bronchoscopy, diff. Dg of chronic diseases of respiratory system and studies of risk markers and gene polymorfisms in immunopathological disposition in children

Main working occupation and responsibilities:
Head of children pneumology
Laboratories of functional examination and allergology-immunology
Children bronchoscopy
Research on gene polymorphisms and chronic children diseases
Lem laboratories and DK

Occupational field:

Monographs, Reviewed monographs:
F. Kopřiva Chronický eozinofilní zánět a asthma bonchiale Maxdorf / Jesenius 2003
F. Kopřiva Leukotrieny Úloha v klinické medicině Mechanismy účinku Maxdorf / Jesenius 2005
F. Kopřiva Neurogenní zánět Maxdorf / Jesenius 2009

Award of Dr. Liška – foundation of Dr. Paul Janssen 2004 – for the best scientific work in allergology and clinic immunology in 2003
Award of Prof. Zavázal of the Czech Association of Allergology and Clinic Immunology – 2004 for monograph
Awards of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine for monograph – 2004

1994 international immunology course Prague
1999 course of functional lung examination
1999 course of children flexible bronchoscopy – Davos – prof. Wood
2002 Postgraduate course of Children Asthma – London
2007 Visiting professor, Dep. of Experimental Medicíne and Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Competencies, knowledge and skills:
Head of laboratory of functional examination of spirometric functions of DK, Bronchoscopy, Scientific secretary of Children Pneymology Association
Lecturer of ČIPA – Czech Initiative for Asthma Bronchiale,Su­pervisor of 2 postgraduate students at the moment
Given about 210 lectures in the Czech Republic and abroad
Published 112 works

Abstracts in magazines and proceedings:
Dissertation thesis: Heterogenity of eosinophils as a marker of eosinophilic inflammation activity
Habilitation thesis: “Eosinophil – inflammation – asthma bronchiale. Current possibilities of laboratory methods of watching the activity of eosinophilic inflammation in children with asthma bronchiale “