Prof. Tomáš Hanuš, MD - Chairman of the Symposium

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Personal Data
Tomáš Hanuš, born in Prague in 1951.

Head of Department, Vice-dean of the 1st Charles University, Prague, Head of Urology Department of Postgraduate Medical Institute

He received his MD Degree Diploma from the First Medical School of Charles University in Prague. In 1976, Tomáš Hanuš joined the Urology Department of the General Teaching Hospital and of the First Medical School of Charles University, where he continues to work since 1993 as the deputy of the Head of the Dpt. of Urology.

Scientific and clinical interests
His scientific and clinical interests are focused not only for radical surgery in oncology, however on reconstruction of the urinary tract (repairs of ureteric injuries, urovaginal fistulas) and female urology, too.

In addition, he was the Secretary of the Board of Urology in 2006–8, the local Chairman of the EAU Central Meeting in 2006.

In 1994 he was the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Continence Society.

He is a member of the EAU Guidelines Office and was a member of the Faculty of the European School of Urology and EUREP. He is also a member of SIU, AUA, ESSIC, ICS.